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in studio

About The Urban Wild | styling + photography

The Urban Wild is a boutique photography and styling studio, a beautiful 40 minute drive from Auckland's CBD. We're in the heart of the wild Waitakere Ranges rainforest.

We put a fresh spin on visual content and brand photography to help businesses find their style and voice in a crowded market.

The studio is equipped for straight product, staged lifestyle and elevated shots of large items. We have a number of backdrops, settings, surfaces and props available and work through a detailed job brief so we can achieve a look and feel, unique to you and your brand.

We offer onsite lifestyle photography spending time in your workplace collating a stock library of genuine, real life images, unique to your business and portrait sessions. And can also cover your next relationship building event or brand awareness campaign.

We partner your business, big or small so that cost effective, photographic imagery is achievable  for everyone.

About Branding Photography

Fantastic images take the guess work out and bring people along on your journey.

When customers see your product shots, you want them to know in an instant how silky smooth or textured a fabric is. See the intricacies of how a design came to life, imagine mouth watering smells and be taken to a place where you can almost hear the same tune you're playing.

  • Coloured visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80%.
  • Content with images increases a view rate by 94%.
  • Visuals generate more backlinks than any other form of content.
  • Posts with images produce 180% more engagement.