what to expect

what to expect

'The best thing about a picture is that it never changes'  Andy Warhol

branding photography

We're passionate about providing businesses with the best visual content and work to budgets of all sizes.

We don't have a one size fits all mentality around here so you can expect that you'll have someone on board and just as excited about the road your business is headed on. Once you get in touch, we'll take a detailed brief, find out everything we need to know about your brand, your why and who you are before translating it into an estimate and written job brief.

Once we are all happy that everyone is on the same page with the project, terms and cost we can make a start.

We can work with your designers or help you find one if that is also what you're needing.

my style

I describe my style of photography as journalistic, so my images tend to have an authentic, candid feel focussing on connections between people or objects in real time. I guide people within the shot to where I need them to be if necessary and style objects, settings and backdrops before waiting for the right moment to capture an image so I get the most natural feel.

If you have a lifestyle session with me, you'll see I create images that feel natural and show real emotion.  I shoot on location either at home or anywhere that you feel comfortable being yourself - its a lifestyle session. I have a warm, relaxed approach to guiding you through our shoot and we don't pose you or have formal photos but I tailor sessions so we can aim to get shots that have the most meaning to you and also so I can help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera.  I love clean, bright images, lots of colour pop and contrast.


I describe my personal style as contemporary + comfortable minimalist. I love the look and feel of minimalist spaces but will find a home for special pieces that add to the vibe and individuality of a space. I love mixing the old with new and tend to go with personal tastes and what works over the latest fast fashion or interior trend. I love a good vignette and flatlay. I like contemporary, conventional but unique, sleek but casual and oversized, simple lines and contrast. I'm not afraid of colour but I do love the pop of a black and white. Quality comes before quantity and as the area I live in and work from is best described as The Urban Wild, its no surprise that I incorporate lots of lush foliage to soften, bring texture and add a warm, welcome atmosphere. I have been called the Crazy Plant Lady before!

Post Production and Editing

Image selection, grading and post production is done using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Final selections of images presented for use, editing styles and overall looks are at the discretion of The Photographer to ensure image cohesion and technical requirements. Please Note: Specific Retouching and Special Edits are an additional service and incur further charges to cover additional time


I'm available onsite Friday-Saturday-Sunday and some weekdays during the day as well as evening events.  You do need to book in advance.

copyright + terms and conditions

I use industry standard terms and conditions. Copyright and All Moral Rights are reserved.

creative team

I work with second + assistant photographers from time to time and you may also see people in my home studio or on-location gaining work experience. They are subject to NZ Privacy Laws


Q +A

I send through a questionnaire that I ask you to fill out and return.

job brief

Once I have your Q + A returned, I will send through a job brief and estimate.


Payment arrangements can be organised for small businesses. 


Q + A 

You'll get a questoinairre too and we'll work out a rough plan for the shoot making sure I know who's coming.  We sort preferred location/s, dates and times to meet up.  Whether theres a special occasion, how you want to use your final images and any special requests or particular shots that you would like to have. I send you any contracts/releases/invoices and additional information.   

session prices

Lifestyle sessions start from $195 and I offer a fast mini $89 edit for quick updates.  Packages (other than a quick edit sitting) include my sitting fee plus an online gallery, print and/or album options.


Contact to arrange your session and to pay a deposit which secures your booking.  Your deposit is non-refundable and covers my sitting fee ($100).  My preferred method of payment is direct credit.  I can accept credit card payments.

allow an hour +

I’ll be with you for around an hour (except the mini edit sessions!). Sometimes, I get the shots that I need in less time and sometimes it takes longer, especially if there are littlies to include.  Try to organise things so you know you won’t be rushed and have time for the unexpected especially if there are lots of people to organise.


The best times for sessions are first thing in the morning and early evening when the sun is low and lighting is optimal. Middle of the day sessions are best avoided.

what to wear

There are heaps of opinions when it comes to what to wear. I don't have any hard and fast rules.  I love contrast and punchy colours, mono, black and white and loads of texture. We'll cover it off when we have our consult but if you pick a style and colour palette that is true you, your photos will look more genuine. Aim for timeless outfits and classic looks if that is important to you and avoid multiple patterns, colours, logos and clothing with writing on it.

photo sessions at home

I like natural light and being outdoors for portrait sessions. When indoors, minimilistic areas in big open spaces with good natural lighting/windows is ideal. Things look different through a camera as well so you might find me rearranging things to get the best out of the space. 

on location photography

I will meet your at your chosen location or home. Some places require you to arrange special permissions before and I might recommend an alternative time/location to your preferred time for a shoot, because of lighting and/or being a popular public place.

lifestyle shoots with newborns

Newborns work on their own schedules so I fit in with your baby.  We pencil in a date before baby is born and confirm once they have arrived so that we can meet for our shoot in Baby's first couple of weeks (when they are between 5-10 days old is best).  

Starting our session when they are due for a feed/sleep, gives more uninterrupted time for photographing your baby once they have been settled and fed. Because theres lots to consider when photographing newborn babies, I have additional info that I send you in advance. 

Allow a couple of hours.

working with children

Kids have short attention spans so bring snacks and drinks but make sure they have clean hands and faces before we're due to start.  Favourite toys and cuddly's can give nice, natural photo opportunities and keep children happy between locations or while we're shooting other family members.  

Tip:  If you try to help redirect childrens attention to the camera, it is best to stand directly behind me and at the same level as I am. Keep in mind that it will be obvious in your photos when they have eye contact with you and not your photographer/camera aka me.  

after the shoot

After I've taken your photos, I review, edit and process the shots before coming back to you with login details to your gallery.  This takes 2-3 weeks, then you review and select your images for prints/albums via a link to an online 'proofing gallery'.

ordering prints

A full list of print options is included with your proofing gallery.  Please let me know if you have a special request, as I am usually able to arrange any size or type of artwork required.  Canvas prints take around 10 working days to be delivered to me and complex albums can take a few months, so we will arrange a time to meet up again with your final prints are finished.

wedding photography

Congratulations on your engagement!  I have 3 standard packages and can tailor options to suit your needs.  I would love to photograph your special day so to start us off, contact me with your wedding date to check for availability and I will give you everything you need to help you with your decision.

referring friends

If you refer a friend and they book a session, don't forget to have them mention you - I'll have a gift ready for you with your next booking to say thanks.