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If you're a creative or small biz, give Dubsado a go.

I remember the days of 10 million lists well. 

Seriously, I was up to my ears in lists trying to make sure I didn't drop the ball. It worked for the most part but there were always contracts to manage, workflows and leads I had to follow up on. Clients I wanted to call. Work to get through. Customers to get back to and life was already busy so I was constantly chasing my tail, backing up spreadsheets or ending up with piles of paper or clear files of lists that couldn't actually be read from a folder.

One day I picked up one of my lists and saw the details for someone really important, who I would have loved to have worked with. I hadn't gone back to them. I'd simply forgotten. The boat had sailed.

I went searching for something that could help me keep on top of things that I could use from anywhere. I trialled Client Relationship Systems aimed specifically at photographer’s, CRM's pitched at any old service based based business and those that seemed to be built somewhere in 2003, never to be updated again. 

There were always things missing and parts of my processes that I wouldn't be able to make happen but I’ve worked for big companies, We had CRM’s and workflows galore. I had an assistant in a couple of jobs, we'd have a receptionist or two at times, a marketing department, an accounts team and a cleaner. Heck at one job we even had a cat - ok so we do have one of those now.

What I'm getting at though, is that I knew what it was like to work somewhere that was super organised with the money and people to make things work well. 

When you’re in business for yourself, strapped for cash and there's no 'i' in 'team' because you ARE the team wearing all of the hats - all of them - the day to day can be overwhelming if you don't have good systems in place. 

I was resigned to the fact that maybe this was just how it was for small businesses. 

Until I discovered Dubsado

We can help you  discover, plan and get really clear  on your vision, planning and goals,  automate and manage  your work load, leads and customer journey

We can help you discover, plan and get really clear on your vision, planning and goals, automate and manage your work load, leads and customer journey

dubsado features

Dubsado looks good and makes sense! It's simple, easy to use and I could find things as soon as I opened it up because everything is right there in front of you on the dashboard!  It tracks leads, clients, automates workflows and your customer journey (wahoo!!!), get's digital signatures, sends invoices, branded forms and documents, holds contracts and proposals. I. Could. Save. Everything. As. Templates. with merge fields! 

It tells you when to do things, when jobs are due, when it’s time to follow up on something. 

Goodbye spreadsheets, lists, starting every client proposal from scratch (arghhhh!), client logins on my website, you name it, they could go. 

I've been recommending it to other creatives and service based businesses ever since. 

The best thing is, that it's free to use for the first 3 clients so give it a go and if you love it, use our code for 20% off your first month or annual subscription!

Head to www.dubsado.com and use the code: THEURBANWILD