Building your business with Instagram

Arghhh… when my daughter was in and out of hospital and specialist appointments, it made it hard to work so I had to find a way to use what was at my fingertips. That was Instagram.

So I did a few courses - my fave being Mums With Hustle.

Ever since, I’ve been sharing how other businesses and creatives, can use Instagram as part of their content strategy too because after 6 days of changing the way I was doing things, I saw an instant leap in Instagram driven sales.

The key is having the best images amongst others accounts that you’ll be grouped with, knowing how hashtags and engagement works and being genuine but still have a brand and content strategy driving you.

During a session with a client yesterday, she commented that there is a lot more to having a content strategy and using Instagram than you would think and before she feels she can move forward or outsource some things, she needs to get her head around all of it.

And she’s right. But I don’t believe you need to overcomplicate things. I have simplified it for myself and that is what I share with you so that you can use Instagram to build your business too.


If you can consistently reach your audience, create a community and build brand awareness, success will follow.

Check out this Mums With Hustle podcast featuring one of my Instagram success stories or get in touch if you’d like to work with me on your content strategy and we’ll put some easy to execute Instagram plans in place.