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How to adapt social media plans through times of change

You have a plan, your business and livelihood is all based online but, the experts and data says that people don’t want to be hearing from you right now *sadface* - so how do you adapt and what do you do?

There are many people who rely on social media for income. People let us into their private lives, support our businesses, engage and learn from the content we share. So it’s our job to know them well enough to understand when to give them the space they want or need.

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Building your business with Instagram

Someone told me there’s a lot more to Instagram than you’d think and before she feels she can move forward and even consider outsourcing some things, she needs to get her head around all of it. And she’s right. But I don’t believe you need to overcomplicate things. I’ve simplified it for myself and that’s what I share with you so that you can use Instagram to build your business too.

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How to use one photo 9 different ways!

Content creation and visual marketing isn’t just throwing a few pictures online, chucking on some hashtags and hoping for the best.

Your image is everything and with some planning and creative thinking, you can create multiple images from just one photograph. I can show you how.

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11 ways to show your business a bit of love.

Whether you agree with the sentiment behind it or not, the fact is - we all like to be shown a bit of love - right? AND there’s no reason why that can’t apply to your brand and business too. Having a small business or brand is a labour of love after all!

So here are 10 ways to show that love and passion in your work this Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

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Are hashtags working for you?

Are hashtags on Instagram worth using? Well, when we had our online retail business and changed the way that we used hashtags, Instagram accounted for 40% of our total sales. We looked at our insights and they say YES! The right hashtags ARE worth using on Instagram. 

So DEFINITELY, if #InstagramIsOurJam we need to find the time to get hashtags right. Cause you're #worthit

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find your tribe online - define your ideal customer

You have a brand story to tell and we're the curious curators, digital dreamers and styling strategist to help you do just that. We craft clever images, curate a visual story true to you and show you how to sell online by telling your brand story in an authentic way.

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How to be more authentic online

Businesses and creatives come to us for help bringing their ideas to life that tell their story in a natural and genuine way. We do this by sharing the tools we personally use, that give us clarity when planning out content and engaging images with loads of punch and personality.

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Make product's stand out with professional photography

Photography is our bread and butter. The peas to our carrots. Our jam.

Product styling + photography is one of the photography services that we can provide and it's really simple process. We'll walk you through a job brief, you send or deliver us your products or if you need us to, we can come to you - studio space or your place - it doesn't matter.

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