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What people are saying.

Working with artists, brands and the people behind them - in Auckland and nationwide. 

They've come to us for help with their photography and content creation, planning online campaigns, social media management - especially Instagram.

Here's what some of them are saying.


Content + Brand Strategy

Rosie G.

"Oh my goooooood! <3 <3 <3 I forgot about these ones. Emma I looooove! <3 <3 thank you!"

"I'm super excited about what we were doing together. you are really good at what you do. I feel like you have such great vision.

The biggest thing you've given me is to get me thinking about which direction I WANT my business to go in and then to think about everything i need to do to get it there. I had no idea about 'brand' before

You also taught me about IG and how it works. You got me thinking about the types of shots i'm using, lights, angles etc and how I was going to reuse content"


photography + styling

Moana B,

"Wow Emma, thank you so much for this. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me! Not only are the photographs amazing but I have learned so so much from you and feel so lucky to have found you."


Edit, Grade + Clear Cutting

Aimee A.

"Hey Emma, ... I am so pleased you are keen. you have been the best at doing clear cut that I have used. Yay!!"